Marie Chan Yee Hui

Founder & Partner
Approved Company Auditor, Chartered Accountant, Licensed Tax Agent

Marie Chan Yee Hui is audit partner of Marie J & Co, local registered audit firm in Malaysia and a member of Malaysia Institute of Accountants (MIA), as well as Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA).

She has been in public practice for over 10 years and holding position in company external auditor, corporate tax consultant and financial adviser for various industries including manufacturing, trading, services, and logistic companies. She has years of working experience with several large international accounting firms. She started her career with Deloitte KassimChan in 2005 and joined KPMG as a senior associate in 2007. She was later recruited by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu in Hong Kong. She has exposure in Malaysia, Hong Kong and China.

She is one of the Ministry of Finance Malaysia (MOF) approved Company Auditors in Malaysia under Section 263 of Company Act 2016.

Her broad business experience covers external audit, corporate reporting, corporate tax planning, transfer pricing, tax review, tax audit and tax compliance and tax investigation cases. She also advises her clients in application of tax incentive, custom facilities, banking facilities and various business licenses. She has successfully developed effective tax planning strategies and remuneration packages for her corporate clients.

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Our Core Values

We Put Our Customer first

We are very appreciative of our consumers, and we will do everything in our power to keep all of our promises.

We Have Strong Team Spirit

We support initiative in communication, teamwork, mutual aid, enthusiasm, sharing highs and lows, and working towards greatness as a group.

We Embody Integrity

In addition to practising what we preach, we believe in honesty, righteousness, aggression, and high moral standards.

We Strive To Create

To increase productivity, product quality, and services, all employees must stay current with the times, continue learning, innovate, and reform.

Management Philisophy

We, an accounting firm in KL believe in people-oriented management, which aims to help people improve. Management is all about leadership, service and training. The first thing to do is to manage oneself, lead by example, and take the lead in learning and making progress. Second, a manager must respect his subordinates, help them and lead them in growing together so that they are capable and willing to work, thereby achieving the spirit of “happy working and happy living”.


Rules must be fair and nobody shall be above the system, so that everybody in the company will abide fully by company rules and regulations.


Professional people do professional business with professional expertise and superior talents.


There must be transparent operations that are fair, equitable and open to promote teamwork.

Accounting Firm In Kuala Lumpur

Marie J & Co, an accounting firm in Kuala Lumpur is made up of a group of committed accounting professionals with exceptional business knowledge and experience who help our clients meet today’s business needs. Our accounting firm in KL services is currently in high demand, as our professional and experienced accountants can help take care of all your company’s accounting needs. At the same time, you focus on growing and expanding your business.  Our accounting firm in Kuala Lumpur also provides bookkeeping, secretarial, company secretarial services, audit, accounting and taxation services, and the incorporation of new companies in Malaysia. Our accounting firm in Malaysia is dedicated to making accounting services more accessible and accessible to business owners. While you focus on growing your business, we, an accounting firm in Malaysia provide a full range of cost-effective services such as accounting and bookkeeping, payroll outsourcing, auditing, secretarial, and tax services.


Create destiny, moving toward miracle.


We help SME on Cash Flow management, finance management, value added services.
We assist our business partners to achieve their dreams
Win-win situation between clients, business partners, employees and shareholders.

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