Talent Concept

Behind every current transaction are qualified accountants working hard to provide the best accounting services in Malaysia. Our audit company in KL team is equipped with suitable certifications, membership associations, and a culture of continuous skill improvement. Allow our support staff to smooth your business operations and relieve your busy mind of every detail, task, and process. As a result, clients who use Marie J & Co accounting services in Kuala Lumpur can expect prompt and high-quality service. For start-ups and small-to-medium-sized businesses, our audit company in Kuala Lumpur offers complete corporate services such as company incorporation, corporate secretarial, accounting, and payroll.


Professional knowledge, execution power, learning ability


Good behaviour and morality, trustworthiness.


Result-oriented, proving everything with performance


Proactivem aggressive, enthusiastic, high affinity, doing things with all his heart.


Work seriously and responsibly, dare to face challenges, do not evade or shirk responsibility

Employment Philosophy

accounting firm in kuala lumpur
accounting firm in kuala lumpur

Dont's For Company Staff

Committed And Dedicated Team

Our team is committed to adding value by providing financial insights and instilling confidence in our client’s ability to grow their businesses. This is one of the primary reasons for our decision to establish our audit company in Kuala Lumpur. Underneath the layers of financial knowledge are a personal touch, sincerity, and a desire to assist small businesses in growing. We believe that every business deserves a good accountant who believes in them. Get in touch with our audit company in KL  and allow us to lift your accounting burdens. 

audit company in kuala lumpur

Why we are your choice ?

Join Us To Create The Best Accouting Firm

If you are studying ACCA / CPA or you are persuing your dream to be a Chartered Accountant / Tax Agent / Auditor, our company will definitely one of your best choice.

We provide various of study supports and the provision of suitable practical experience.

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