Payroll Services Kuala Lumpur

We offer tailored payroll outsourcing services to small and large businesses. Our payroll specialists are well-trained and equipped with the most advanced payroll systems to process even the most complex payroll accounts. Marie J & Co has been one of the leading payroll services Kuala Lumpur providers.

Why Choose Us


Payroll management by hand leaves a lot of room for error. Automated software greatly reduces the risk of error and saves significant time. You will no longer have to spend time manually calculating wages.


We make sure that all payroll issues strictly follow employee regulations. As a  payroll services Malaysia provider, we understand how stressful it can be; we will bear the burden of filing taxes, calculating deductions, and submitting statutory submissions. 


Protect your employee relationships by handling payments and deductions promptly and professionally. Marie J & Co, as a payroll outsourcing services provider, will take your payroll so you can concentrate on building your team.

Expert Payroll Service Provider

Our team is fully equipped with the knowledge and experience to manage your payroll function. We have the people, policies, technology, experience, and skills to provide our clients with comprehensive, accurate, and timely payroll services. Our payroll services Kuala Lumpur delivery model is tailored to the structure and needs of your organisation. We are always ready and confident in our ability to step up and provide quality payroll services Malaysia.

payroll services kuala lumpur
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